Board Members

      I would like to congratulate the fine team of Water Board Members for their helpful and kind manner. This team consistently performs needed tasks with enthusiasm and respect for one another. I would like to remind the members of the Highland Park Water Supply Corporation that these offices are manned with volunteers. Serving on the board has been a fulfilling and educational experience for me and I can recommend it whole heartedly.

        We also are appreciative of the many board members who have served our community in the past. We currently enjoy clean water because they have volunteered. Please remember to tell them thanks when you run into them in the community.

        During the upcoming community wide membership meeting we will have at least one opening for a new board member. Qualifications are only that you are a current member in good standing and that you enjoy working together with others. Duties are simple and time requirements slight. Past board members are welcome and appreciated.

                                                David Ives                           

President (volunteer) Tim Rhudy 254-836-1890
Vice-President (volunteer) Pat White 254-836-1890
Secretary - Billing Sue Tarrant 254-836-1890
Board Member (volunteer) Terri Higdon 254-836-1890
Board Member (volunteer) Jacob Cox 254-836-1890
Board Member (volunteer) Robert Beeman 254-836-1890
Board Member (volunteer) Darcy Hoff 254-836-1890